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Why Solar?

Solar power can save you money, protect you against ever increasing electricity prices, take advantage of thousands of dollars in solar rebates, add value to your home or business and reduce your carbon footprint. Why solar – why not!

Solar power is the cleanest, most viable form of renewable energy available. Solar panels fitted to your roof silently convert sunlight into solar electricity, reducing your reliance upon coal-generated electricity and hence your electricity bills.

How does it work?

Most homes and businesses will want to install a grid connected solar power system. When sunlight hits the solar panels on your roof, a DC electric current is produced. An inverter, connected between the solar panels and your switchboard, converts the DC current into AC current, which powers your home or is fed into the electricity grid. The solar power system is simple and connects directly into the electricity grid, with no batteries required.

Home solar power systems usually vary in size from 1kW to 10kW with the most common being between 1.5 and 3kW. Commercial systems usually start at 10kW up to megawatts of solar panels.

What are the benefits of solar?

Solar electricity produces no greenhouse gas emissions, so it helps the environment while saving you money on your electricity bill. A solar power system allows you to take advantage of the Solar Credits rebate to help with the upfront solar panel cost, protects you against rising electricity prices and increases the value of your home. For a more detailed explanation of the benefits of solar power.

How much will I save?

Everyone knows solar power will save you money. But exactly how much can you expect to save with a solar power system on your home? The amount you will save by installing solar power depends on the size of system you have installed and the state based incentives where you live.

Solar Power Buying Tips:

Consider the following when buying solar power. First, consider the quality of the solar panels and your solar inverter. These components are the heart of your solar system and will have a direct impact on your solar power production. Second, ensure your solar power system is properly designed in order to maximise its performance. Ask for a free site inspection from a qualified electrician – this will tell you much about the quality of the solar power provider. You can’t sell solar power over a telephone alone!

Third, make sure the solar power system components and solar power installation are backed by comprehensive local warranties. All solar panels come with 20 to 25 performance warranties – what’s more important is the workmanship warranty on the solar panels and solar inverter. Finally, look out for hidden costs – demand a fixed price solar system quote, and browse online solar power forums to read about other solar power customer experiences.

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